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  1. BettaHope
    BettaHope Gouramis
    Hi! Which Gouramies do you keep?
  2. King Coral
    King Coral Steve E
    Hi -if you'd like to try out the online space you're welcome to promote your stock on our system.Our mission is to partner with retailers such as yourself, so customers find what they’re looking for,obtaining their order as fast and affordable as possible.You can view our platform at if you'd like to discuss further email us at we would love to provide you with more info
    ROEKSTE Baron Snr

    Im in Pretoria. Breeding Geophagus Tapajos Red Heads, Neon Blue Acara's and Guianacara stergiosi. What your breeding?
  4. FrankyBZN
    FrankyBZN Yster
    Hi Is the co2 etc still available? I see u also have a odyssea light unit what lenght is it? Is it also for sale?
    Whats ur contact no would like to chat on whatsapp
  5. Darryl Putter Photography
    Darryl Putter Photography HennieRoux
    Is a black and red betta possible and do you have any advice on breeding them?
    1. HennieRoux

      Yes it is possible, there is allot I can tell you, but best is to google, unless there is something specific?

      Mar 3, 2017
  6. RobT
    Building cabinets for custom extra depth 3 and 4 foot tanks
  7. T Jack
    T Jack
    hi folks.
  8. Darryl Putter Photography
    Darryl Putter Photography
    Looking for fish to buy as of March
  9. Fishguy
    So proud! I have managed to breed Texan Cichlids!
  10. Khalid
    Khalid hadiosbourne
    K1 6Lit new and used R100
    1. hadiosbourne
      Is it Kaldnes? Can you send me your number to chat on whatsapp, thanks
      Feb 28, 2017
  11. Tetra
    Tetra High-wash
    Hi high-wash

    Please send me a cell number then I can Whatz up pics on all the plants for you. Do you want the logs and drift wood and all the plants
    My number is 082 772 4504
  12. hadiosbourne
    hadiosbourne Khalid
    Hi Khalid,
    I'm looking for K1 media or similar product, I saw on a chat you posted some of the ones you have, can you please give me the price and more info on it?
  13. Hawkeye
    Hawkeye Zoom
    Zoom, thank you for great advice and results! Much appreciated.
  14. Hawkeye
    Just started keeping fish again after a 35 year gap. The science has changed considerably! Keep the posts going, fellows. Thank you.
  15. Peter E
    Peter E
    Have a goal, just make sure you have every intention of reaching it... Properly.
  16. Dobbin
    Dobbin PrivMoolis
    Hi Moolis, you would not happen to be Moolis Moolman by any chance. You used to be in the tyre business?
    If so this is Stevie Davies, Malawi keeper and breeder from Bredell, Kempton Park. 079 512 6364
  17. jaco
    Looking for a chilli red arowana
  18. Mario J
    Mario J Vis
    Hi Gerhard,

    I am interested in your Breeding Setup you are advertising for R 1 200. Only problem, I am in PE :-). Was wondering that if I could arrange transport, would you be willing to pack it securely for me. You can say No, since I know it is a hassle, but trying my luck anyway.

    Kind regards

    1. Vis
      Hi @Mario J , always willing to help but I have no idea how to package it. What type of transport?
      Jan 31, 2017
    2. Mario J
      Mario J
      Hi Gerhard,

      I work for Hutz Medical and we use Triton (Freight Comp) for deliveries across S.A. I am waiting on them to come back to me if they would collect the tanks from you. Don't want to cause you to much hassle, but the guys are always afraid to transport fragile items not secured. If you were like 200km away, would have collected the weekend. Will keep you updated, appreciate your willingness
      Jan 31, 2017
  19. Koosm
    Koosm FINS
    Hallo Fins dis Kobus hier Dink ons het laas jaar gepraat toe ek n klomp guppies verloor het . As dit so is laat my weet ek wil graag weet wat se visse jy het om te verkoop. Dankie jammer ek pla so laat
  20. Snaily5
    Snaily5 HennieRoux
    Hi Hennie i saw your avatar and had to ask do you know where i can get good quality rosetail or halfmoon betta please