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  1. BobMartin
    BobMartin Marco
    Hey Marco I'm looking for a micro worm culture. Can you help? I'm in Rietondale
  2. Niven
    Guppies and goldfish
  3. Adrian Gatter
  4. gazoh
    gazoh ho8882000
    Hi there do u keep ranchu goldfish?
  5. Neville
    Yes, pearl gouramis, similis cory, pencil fish and zebra loaches. Happy to donate food with whatever fish you take.
  6. Rasboral
    Rasboral Neville
    Hi. Any fish still available
  7. Brandon Harris
    Brandon Harris
    Hi everyone. I’m looking for long fin zebra danios. 5-10 of them. Let me know ASAP please!
  8. Brandon Harris
    Brandon Harris
    I need help. My guppy fry are 5-6 days old and they aren’t seeming to be eating my fry flake food I purchased for them. Is that fine ?
  9. JJWard777
    JJWard777 Barry Roux
    good day Barry

    will you please message me on 073 286 3555 regarding the guppies you have available
  10. woz
    woz RobK
    ma bru.. you have legendary namesake ish.. his nickname was you.. and for that reason you can do no wrong :)
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  11. woz
    woz RobK
    i have to ask.. your name.. could it be Rob Kruger? skydive legend and god of gravity?
    1. RobK
      Hahaha, I wish! Sorry to disappoint but im just a semi normal oke, but he sounds like my kind of person.
      Oct 31, 2018
  12. woz
    woz Quentin
    howzit? i cant but notice that knife fish.. its a black ghost right?
    do you keep other fish with him/her?
  13. SAfishkeeper
  14. Connn97
    Connn97 MadHatter
    Hi there, just wanted to find out if your axolotls are for sale ? Looking for one
  15. Hendre
    Hendre SAfishkeeper
    Found you :)
  16. ChrisOz
    ChrisOz Tetra
    Hi. With regards to the tank items you have for sale. I'm interested in various pieces of the driftwood. Can I call? My number is 0826021555
  17. Mishfan
    Mishfan Barry Roux

    You can contact me on 0658072846 regarding the caudopunctatus

  18. Hendre
    Hendre Jandre Frey
    A new friend!
  19. jc16
    jc16 Christiaan Duvenage
    Hi do you still have blue dreams?
  20. Aquaman
    “A fish tank is just interactive television for cats.” ― Oliver Gaspirtz, A Treasury of Pet Humor