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  1. Noah Reynolds
    Noah Reynolds
    Please advice where In CT can buy bubble eye. Thanks
  2. Bradley Rees
    Bradley Rees
    Just a 20 year old with a new hobby :D
  3. Braam
    Braam pierreschoonraad
    Hi there do you know where I can find shell dwelling cichlids please my multi colony died suddenly and cant seem to find anyone who has
  4. Slade
    Keep your friends close and your anemones closer.
  5. TheGrissom
    Unfortunately all my Daphnia died. There is an expo at Verkenner school this saturday I am sure someone there may be able to assist you.
    1. LeonPE
      Thank you for the headsup, what type of expo is it?
      Mar 27, 2019
    2. TheGrissom
      Its an aquarium expo - mostly aqua scaping I think
      Mar 27, 2019
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  6. TheGrissom
  7. LeonPE
    LeonPE TheGrissom
    Hi there,

    I have seen you post about Daphnia, do you perhaps know where I can buy a culture in Port Elizabeth? Thank you,
  8. Anthony Schemel
    Anthony Schemel Herve
    Hi yes pls ad me to the group. Cel. 0729274054.
  9. Muhammed
    The chill is coming❄❄❄⛄
  10. T. Guppy
    T. Guppy
    Hello everyone :) I've just recently joined this forum! I started the fish tank hobby in December 2018, so I'm very new to this.
  11. Saibot
    Splashy fish loves blowing bubbles. It's so much fun being a splishy splashy fish.
  12. Michael Smith
    Michael Smith Muhammed
    Will send you some pics.
  13. luan3thebuffinator
    Just an entomology student that loves fish just as much as anything with six legs.
  14. BoelderBeestie
  15. Jaco van Rensburg
  16. Jaco van Rensburg
    Jaco van Rensburg
    I have a few discus
  17. Michael Smith
    Michael Smith Muhammed
    Yes I do.
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  18. Muhammed
    Muhammed dash
    Hi,I'm new to the form,im hopping you can help me,I'm in pietermaritzburg and I'm looking for any show guppies from any breeders,thx
  19. Muhammed
    Guppie breeder in pietermaritzburg kwazulu Natal
  20. Muhammed
    Guppies wanted,plz let me know if you are selling any guppies in kwazulu Natal,I'm in pietermaritzburg