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  1. Snaily5
    Snaily5 HennieRoux
    Hi Hennie i saw your avatar and had to ask do you know where i can get good quality rosetail or halfmoon betta please
  2. M.S.Sayed
    M.S.Sayed Adhil
    Hi Adhil
    I am in jhb , saw that you have found a discus breeder this side. I have set up a tank for discus and it is running for 2 months now with Amazon swords and neon tetras .
    please let me know where I could get baby discus from , have never had discus before but have done a lot of research on them.
    Regards Saleem
  3. adriaand
    adriaand F4ckn
    Hi, Tank still available?
  4. Judd
    Judd Rory
    Hi Rory , im new on this site, looks quite amazing, i'm looking forward to exploring here, i'm also from JHb I currently have have 2 freshwater tanks after struggling with marine, I am enquiring about selling the last bit of marine equipment (The lighting )Am able to advertise on this forum? Its a consul with 3 metal halides and boxes all working with spares, your help is greatly appreciated, Best wishes, Judd
  5. GerritVermaak
    GerritVermaak Pezulu
    Hi I would like to buy some RCS from you plz contact me via watsapp on 072 773 8517 about pricing and so on

  6. Hendre
    Hendre MariaS
    Is that an asian aro? Looks awesome
  7. Ladysphinx
    Filter problems just before going isn't all Was lucky I could fix it in minutes, eish!!!
  8. Christiaan Duvenage
    Christiaan Duvenage
    Here fishy fishy fishy
  9. ancistrus
    ancistrus Ladysphinx
    1. Ladysphinx
      Thank you ancistrus I will check them out
      Dec 4, 2016
  10. Sfrancis
    Hi...I'm on the look out for Dovii cichlids. Does anyone have or know where I can get them. Looking for a male and female.
  11. Sfrancis
    Does anyone have or know where I can get Dovii (Wolf) cichlids. Looking for male and female.
  12. TrevorR
    Cichlids, Cichlids, Cichlids.... LOL!
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  13. TrevorR
    TrevorR TaahirS
    Hey Dude! Remember me?
  14. Zoom
    ~ Out of the hobby.
  15. jc16
    jc16 gwshorten
    Hi, I'm looking to buy some of your shrimp, could you send pics of your greens and pumpkins? I'm from durban but my mom stays down there and is coming down in December
  16. Baron Snr
    Baron Snr
    Looking for Orange Chromides in Gauteng. Any ideas.
  17. Baron Snr
    Baron Snr
    Starting all over again :-)
  18. Jacquesas2
    Jacquesas2 RVisser
    Hi I would also like 5 if possible please. My tank is full of snails.
    1. RVisser
      Hi Jacquesas2, I have 5 for you. Where are you from?
      Nov 13, 2016
    2. Jacquesas2
      Hi Im from durbanville in cpt you could whatsapp? 08 2. 7833 855
      Nov 14, 2016
  19. koos
    Hi all my fish are on the one side of the tank. What can be the problem
  20. Blade
    Blade and roydenchurch is all me!!