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    The KH in our tap water has dropped to 0 during the last few days. As a result the ph in my tanks has also dropped very low. It was at 4 yesterday(did a 60% wc the day before). This caused my fish to dart and one has injured herself badly and it doesn't look like she will recover, it looks like she broke her back. This is a great loss.

    I recommend that everyone that can test for kh should test immediately and correct the issue. I used bicarb of soda to get my kh to 2(the blue box from robertson). The ratio is one teaspoon per 200L for 2 degrees. I dissolved it on a 2L coke bottle and dripped it into the tanks like you would do for shrimp. I also added more coral chips to my filters as the little I had in there wasn't enough. Out the tap the ph is at 8 but drops to below 5 in my barrels over night. I'm in the Table view area, I don't know if other suburbs are affected but rather be safe than sorry.
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