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    Good day

    This challenge already saw its first version and we are now starting the second year of breeding, sharing,creating and learning.

    It started a year ago when I was looking for some guppies and saw all the great guppies available overseas and yet we had none. All those nice guppies had to start somewhere and I thought we should look at starting getting the SA guppies up there.

    So the idea is to take what we have locally and breed better looking fish and even create something new along the way.

    Here are the basic rules for entering and participating in the challenge:
    1. Choose a male and female guppy (group,multiple fish) as your starting point.
    2. Take a clear photo of both (group) and post for it for all to see.
    3. Set an objective that you would like to reach after a year like breeding a pink guppy.
    4. You may introduce a new guppy to your breeding program (outcross) at any time but one of the fish must be related to the original pair. Meaning you can only outcross to the original fish or any of its offspring.
    5. You have up to 3 entries.
    6. You may join at any time but the deadline will remain the same for all.
    7. Keep the thread updated frequently with photos of your progress, at least each generation.
    8. Should all your fish die you can enter again.
    9. You may enter as a total noob or professional breeder.
    10. Any awards will subject to public voting and comments by a professional guppy breeder if we can find one.

    Preferred entry form. (Replace text in red.)

    Guppy Challenge Entry: Your name

    Description or photos.

    Breeding stock:

    Male: Photo
    Description: Ugly fish bread in the drain.
    What you like about it: Its tough as nails and glow in the dark
    Where it came from: Flushed down a toilet in Singapore.

    Female 1:Photo
    What you like about it:Its pretty
    Where it came from: Salon

    Depending on breeding strategy please include all fish.

    Goals: I would like to breed a pretty guppy that glows in the dark and eat driftwood.

    Then you guys can post away about water,food , fry, progress, failures, ideas etc.

    O and for the tech savy you can keep a photo family tree going too.

    Can also add a photo of what inspired you.

    Have fun and share what you learn.

    Best of luck.
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    Hi,I'm new to this website I'm looking at breeding guppies but have no clue where I should get them from,I recently bought some from a local pet shop but non have ever survived,I bought a few from breeder and the have already bred , but unfortunately he isn't going to get more because he's going with predator fish now,do you know anyone who is selling show guppies around natal,any help would be appreciated thansk
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    Klipriver, Midvaal

    Hi @Muhammed ,

    Welcome to the forum

    This is an old thread (2016) about a competition/challenge Vis was organizing but, as far as I know he is no longer active in the hobby

    Going by the title of the tread, some members might not read it and you wont get as many responses as you would like
    Start a thread of your own in the 'wanted' section and make the title some thing like ' guppies wanted'

    Its also nice if you start a thread under 'new member' and introduce yourself and tell us about your setups

    A the 'location' on your profile, instead of South Africa put KZN
    That will stick out and catch the attention of members in your area

    Good luck in your new venture
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    Hi I really appreciate the advice ,will do what you said,thanks so much:thumbup:
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