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Discussion in 'Beginner Discussions' started by Alan Muller, Mar 24, 2021.

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    Hi All

    I am newish to the aquarium hobby and have a 40l tank that needs some restocking (I've suffered a few casualties over the last year). Currently, I have three Red Eye Tetras and a single Neon (sad state of affairs, I know).

    Can anyone recommend some tank mates that would fit in with the Red Eyes? I am not sure if they would gobble up smaller fish like Ember Tetras but I would ideally like to go for more numerous smaller fish instead of fewer larger ones.
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    Red eyes are generally good community fish, though they can nip at fins, but do grow larger like the buenos aires and colombian tetras. You could try cardinals instead of neons or silver tips as both grow slightly larger but still relatively small in comparison to the red eye tetras. Other option will be barbs. Keep in mind your tank size and be careful of overstocking.
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