Resun AF-2005D Auto Feeder

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    Resun AF-2005D Auto Feeder

    Paid: R250.00

    Programmable automatic fish feeder.
    Moisture proof food chamber
    Can be used for flakes and granules/ pellets
    Can program 4 feedings per day, can double feed if required
    Amount of food dispensed is adjustable
    Manual feed operation should you wish to dispense a “treatâ€
    LC display

    2 AA battery operated, but comes without batteries – annoying!

    Adjustable clip that clamps to the rim of tank.

    Easy to progamme, can be set for up to 4 feeding per day, and has the ability to double feed if needed, i.e. the feeder feeds at the programmed time and then repeats the feeding cycle one minute later again. Useful for tanks were more food is required.

    The first test runs were done using the manual feed button over a piece of paper, and by visually comparing the amounts discharged. The food container took about 20g to fill. Out of 20 test runs 17 seemed to dispense similar amounts of food, two dispensing about half the portion and one being almost double the portion.

    Thereafter I used the feeder for a week with the 3 different foods as described below

    First test: filled the feeder with TetraPro, mini Crisps, thinking that the uniform size of the crisps will probably feed easier than the more irregular shaped flakes., which they did.

    Second test: Filled with Tertamin Flakes, due to the irregular shape of flakes the results were variable with either too much or two little flakes being dispensed, the feeder did not block, nor did the flakes become damp.

    Third test: filled with TetraPrima mini Granules, I found this to be the best food to dispense with the auto feeder, probably due to its more regular/similar sized granules, and easier flow.

    On my tank the feeder sits about 10cm above the water level, after 3 weeks usage moisture did not have a negative effect.

    Reasonable sized food holder
    Progammable for 4 feeding a day, with a double feed facility
    Adjustable dose slider - on the smallest setting results are very inconsistent
    Useful for periods away from home
    Manual button for anytime feeding

    If you sell battery operated equipment, add a set of batteries
    Quality is not great, light weight plastic construction
    Not always consistent dosing
    There does not seem to be a low battery indicator.

    If I had a smaller tank, I would use it for short periods whilst away from home, my tank is too big and heavily stocked, so I would have to add a couple of these feeders. Overall it worked fine, best with granulated food, but if not used for a while I would fit a set of new batteries.

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