1. All ads must contain photo's of actual equipment/livestock for sale. Please read the rules before selling.

RULES for buying and selling

Discussion in 'Equipment Classifieds' started by Rory, Sep 13, 2008.

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    Our for sale forums exist as a free service that we offer to our loyal members to trade or sell their aquarium related items. They are not intended in any form to be used as a commercial outlet or a perceived commercial outlet. Please keep in mind that although one does not have an actual online store or true storefront, the selling with the thought of making money, having a large inventory, a constant supply of a particular item or items, buying and reselling, growing out plants or breeding fish with the intention of selling and other factors will at a minimum make you appear commercial. Being allowed to advertise your products in this forum is a privilege and not a right. Abuse of this privilege will result in action being taken against an account which may include suspensions or a permanent forum wide ban.

    1. The For Sale section is for selling of second hand goods only!
    2. You may not sell items on behalf of somebody else. This service is available to members of this site only. Threads advertising goods for friends will be deleted and accounts may, at the sole discretion of the admins, be suspended.
    3. Photos MUST be added to all items/livestock listed. Photo's must be of the actual items/livestock for sale. Listings without Photo's will be removed.
    4. Dealers who wish to sell their goods may do so after purchasing one of our Dealer Subscription Packages (sponsorship).
    5. In order to help protect our members from fraud, sellers need to have been a member for 60 days and have made 50 posts before they can advertise items for sale. Members who "spam" their way to 50 posts in order to circumvent this restriction will have their posts deleted and their accounts suspended for a period of 7 days. Please note that it can take up to two hours for the software to recognise that you have achieved 20 posts. no longer in use
    6. All negotiations and questions must be posted on the sales thread and NOT by PM. Communications may only be taken to PM once the sale and price has been agreed upon on the open forum and payment/collection details need to be given. The agreement of the time and date of collection or postage, or confirmation that items have been posted should also be posted in the thread.
    7. Refrain from commenting unless you are interested in more details or are interested in buying. If you suspect any foul play, please use the report button and the moderating team will deal with all reports.
    8. ‘Gauging interest’ threads will be removed.
    9. Disputes must be conducted away from the public areas, either by PM or email.
    • Violations of any of these rules may result in account suspensions or the offending account being terminated.
    1. Keep posts in the For Sale section to offers for goods being sold or requests for goods wanted i.e.: no commenting on price/quality or such.
    2. Please have the courtesy to update your thread and state whether or not the item(s) have been sold.
    3. When selling your item(s) please try to include the following information
    * Item being sold:
    * Location:
    * Who will handle shipping costs:
    * Selling price:
    * Reason for selling:
    * How old is the product:

    • Bumping of threads may happen once (1) every three (3) days. Bumping more frequently may result in offenders accounts being warned.

    • If you are browsing the for sale threads and see something that you feel is priced high or not worth it. We ask you to take it up privately with the seller and not complain and berate the person selling the item.

    • If you see a thread and you believe it to be a commercial post we ask that you notify a moderator or an admin and not get into an argument in the thread.

    • If you purchase something and the deal does not go through, from either side of the deal, we ask that you take it up privately between yourselves and find a resolve to the problem and not hash it out here.

    • TropicalAquarium.co.za, its staff or its owners cannot be held liable for any deals that don't go through as a result of buyer or seller problems.

    • Please note that we reserve the right to change the rules at any given time.

    TropicalAquarium.co.za (TASA) can not be held responsible for other users' actions or inactions and will not become involved in any disputes between buyers and sellers other than to administer the rules of the forum. TASA does not review user's listings and are not party to the actual transactions between buyers and sellers. You will not hold TASA responsible for the actions or inactions of buyers or sellers involved in transactions (whether such transactions are carried out on or off TASA) or for ensuring that they actually complete transactions. TASA has no control over, do not guarantee, and are not responsible for:
    the quality, safety or legality of items advertised;
    the truth or accuracy of listings;
    the ability of sellers to sell items;
    the ability of buyers to pay for items; or
    whether a buyer or seller will actually complete a transaction. The buyer and seller accept sole responsibility for the legality of their actions under law.

    By posting on this forum you are deemed to have agreed with and accepted the rules set out above.

    Thank you for your understanding.
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