Suggestion on Tetratec ex800 plus Input Pipe

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    May 11, 2014
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    Hi all

    Hope someone can give me Some guidance.

    I just bought a tetratec ex800. External filter.

    The problem I have is that the input pipe, fitting is too long. If I were to position it straight down the sponge would be buried under the substrate.

    I do not actually want to cut away a section. Down the road I will probably upgrade to bigger tank, so the length won’t be a problem then.

    So..... my question is,- does someone know of a place that stocks spare parts? That I could just buy a replacement input pipe. So that I can cut the spare one.

    Or I maybe something else that could work, also I do not mind doing a DIY job.

    Really appreciate all help and advise,

    Thank you

    Input Pipe.jpg
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    Aug 11, 2019
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    I've got the EX600 and Aqua One Aquis 1000, both are to long for my tank. There's enough suction cup holders to keep the pipe stable. Just lift it up. It's gonna look odd with the pipes so high above the tank but it's all I can suggest. I also don't want to cut mine.

    Good luck getting spare parts for tetra. The supplier importing tetra goods to S.A sucks. I emailed Tetra in Germany because I have an issue with my priming knob since I bought the filter. They got in contact with the supplier for tetra goods in S.A and I haven't heard from them yet. Its been two months now.
  4. David Kusner

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    Sydenham, JHB
    Yup pretty much the story for the last 20 years, local importers and distributors do not care any longer about spares. They simply want to be box droppers and drop stock at LFS and get paid. Spares are a real pain in the neck for them and when they do get them, they make sure you pay so much for them, ypu may as well dump the product and start again. This goes for all brands not only Chinese ones, terta, eheim all the same.

    This is where you have to get inventive and think out the box. In this case for your inlet pipe I would just use 20mm conduit pipe. Cut to lenght you require and use 22 or 25mm tubing to join to existing pipe.

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    Talk to Marltons in durban-if you don't come right pm me.

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